We are the largest distributor of Neck breaking ceremonial arrows price starting at $ 1.85 -No lacquer finish on the shafts -28 inch long -fletch with 3 feathers -blunt points For us to help you with an accurate quote , please provide us with a quantity of arrows requested and a shipping address in your email.

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In order for us to give you a accurate quote , please include the quantity of arrows requested and a shipping address.

There is no minimum arrow per order.

We do not follow a pattern in the colors and shape of the feathers therefore you will get a assortment .If custom order or changes needs to be made please contact us at getabow@comcast.net for specifications.

For order above 300 arrows  2 weeks lead time will be needed.

price for arrows: 

1 to 299  $ 1.85/each

300-599  $ 1.75/each

600 +      $ 1.62/each